Product Warranty

Please refer to the warranty if the product does not function as originally described or intended. NSXe will repair, refund, or exchange for free or a fee.

If an estimation, contract, catalog, or specifications do not include a warranty description when you order, the warranty will be as follows. In addition, some of our products are limited in their intended use and environment of use. If you have any questions, please contact us or the dealer where you purchased the product.

Free Warranty and Warranty Coverage

1, Free Warranty

  1. The warranty period of our products is one year from the date of purchase. Products will be repaired or replaced for free if they are broken despite being used and following the instruction manual during the warranty period.
  2. No repairs will be made after the warranty period.

2, Warranty Coverage

Products will be repaired for a fee in the following cases despite being within the warranty period.

  1. Improper handling by a customer Non-compliance with conditions, environment, precautions, etc., described in the instruction manual.
  2. When the cause of failure is not our fault
  3. Failure or damage caused by repair or modification other than by NSXe or our subcontractors.
  4. When the products is used for purposes other than its intended use (i.e., vibration measurement of machinery and equipment)
  5. Failure or damage due to fire, natural disaster, or acts by a third party
  6. Failure or damage due to incorrect connection
  7. Failure or damage caused by transportation, moving, dropping, etc., after purchase
  8. Malfunction caused by use in combination with another product. (so-called compatibility)
  9. When the serial number is removed or made illegible


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