Usage Examples

Here are some photos of Low cost Wi-Fi vablation sensor conanair in action. It can be used for the preventive maintenance of Motor, Pump, Fan, Blower, Compressor, Turbine, Freezers, Air Conditioner, Dust Collector, Conveyor, Screw Extruder, Molding Machine, Roll machine, Reducer, Gearbox, Mixer, Machine Tool & etc.

Usage Examples in Factorys

Water Pump &

Motor 37kw
Boiler Feed

Water Pump
water_pump_and_motor_37kw. boiler_feed_water_pump


Pulley of Iron Ore

Tip Conveyor

pulley_of_ironore_conveyor tip_conveyor_motor


Screw Conveyor of Bag Filter
screw_conveyor_of bag_filter screw_conveyor_of bag_filter


Fin Fan Cooler Steam Turbine
fin_fan_cooler steam_turbine


Gear Box Sewqage

Sludge Pump
gear_box sewqage_sludge_pump


Sewqage Sludge Pump
sewqage_sludge_pump sewqage_sludge_pump


Air Blower Blower & Motor
air_blower blower_and_motor


Agitator Motor
agitator_motor agitator_motor


Sludge Sweeper
sludge_sweeper sludge_sweeper


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