The patrol-monitoring system
allows your technicians to focus
more on planned maintenance tasks.

Freeing up time, reducing expenses
and having better equipment maintenance.
Improving preventive maintenance with our
low-cost automated vibration monitoring system.

It’s easy to set up and it will automatically
collect vibration data for you.
Doing all the patrol work for your staff,
it’s cost-efficient and improves
preventative maintenance quality.

In the manual mode,
you can easily collect data using a web browser.

We now offer a free 30-day trial period
for new customers.

Detects vibrations simply by attaching to machinery.
For those managing factory equipment: When will the machine break down? When should the parts be exchanged?
Conanair gauges vibrations from the machine detecting equipment failures before they happen.
By finding the rattling in the motor, it can even detect bearing abnormalities.
It is affordable and easy to set up. After purchasing you can immediately operate it from your smartphone.
It can be operated on your web browser and does not require an application.
It can be easily linked with external systems supporting AI implementation, enabling use for IoT.
It comes with a fully automatic measuring app, a tendency management Excel macro, and an analysis app allowing for frequency analysis.

How Does It Work?

Raw Acceleration Waveforms




Acceralation Range (m/sec2)

± 160

Axis of Measurement

3-axis (X,Y,Z) and 3D Composite Value

Acceralation Response (Hz)

10~1,000, In case of HPF bypass ; 0~1,000 (-3db in both cases)

Sampling Rate (Hz)


A/D Resolution



Wi-Fi IEEE 802.11b/g/n (2.4GHz)

Power Supply

Non-Rechargeable Li-Ion Battery CR2 x 1pc

Operation Time

8 hours (Not Continuous Measuring)


4 years (Daily Once Measurement)

Electric Consumption (mA)


Size (mm)

65×52×27(32) (with magnet)

Weight (g)

54 (77) (with magnet and battery)

Ingress Protection Rating


Temperature Range (℃)

-10 to 60°C


Google Chrome [Recommended]
Microsoft Edge
*Not compatible with Internet Explorer